All About 27 & Frugal

All About 27 & Frugal


Hi, I’m leslie! I’m a 27 year old female, apartment renter, college graduate and full-time salaried employee. I live a very cheap, but not boring life.


I began experimenting with a frugal lifestyle in college (the heart of all experimentation, it seems). Since I was paying my way through school, I had to make sure that my work income (as little as it was) could cover my living expenses and that my savings would cover tuition the following year.

This lifestyle has carried over into my post-graduate years; aka, the real world. Although my income is quite a bit more substantial nowadays, I am still on a budget and try to put as much into my savings as possible.

The Purpose

Now, I have been reading frugal blogs for a while and I have always found the writers to be difficult to relate to at times. Most frugal bloggers are either older and/or married and/or have families. These are three aspects of a person’s life that I cannot relate to. I wanted to be able to suggest frugal ideas that others can relate to and implement as well.


There are also more specific aspects of a writer’s life that effect their lifestyle in ways that others can’t relate to. I feel it is important to make people aware of my specific circumstances.

For example, I live in New Jersey. This is significant because it means that I have a lot of entertainment choices around me. However, this also means that most of my recreational options are expensive. I do own a car but have access to public transportation. This means that I still have my car expenses, but that is not my sole transportation expense.


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